„Knife is a perfect tool indespensable to any real man“

Since my childhood, I have been fascinated by stories of adventurers who survived in the wilderness thanks to their only tool- the knife. I often imagined this romantic situation; just Nature, Me and my Knife. Since those times I have been ever accompanied by knives and jack-knives of various sizes.

I began to manufacture knives on a professional niveau in 2006. Knives made by me embody efficient , practical tool together with a manly decoration and/or jewel. For blades, I use first-class steel, hand-wrought damascus and sandwich steel. The handles are usually made of natural materials such as exotic woods, horns, antlers and bones combined with steel, alpaca, precious stones and metals. Incorporation of gems and semiprecious stones is a sort of specialty and liking of mine.

Every knife is original or part of a small series and is completely made by me, including the knife sheath.

I guarantee a life-long warranty and service to all my knives.


IMG 1708Fotografie z Panamy




7 000.00 Kč